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Towards a Wise & Faithful Stewardship: Time

Last week we began looking at the biblical concept of stewardship. We provided the framework for thinking about stewardship. That sermon intended to be broad in its scope so as to provide a lot of reflection for personal implications. These next sermons will focus on some particular subjects that we all need to deal with. The first on the list is our time. Here is the roadmap for the study.

Text: Ephesians 5:16-17; Psalm 90

Big Idea: The gospel rescues us from squandering God’s good gifts by making us a steward of them.

Outline: 5 Conclusions about our time that compel stewardship

  1. Time is Given.
  2. Time is Valuable.
  3. Time is Short.
  4. Time is Wasted.
  5. Time is Unrecoverable.
  6. Time must be Redeemed.