Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

No Greater Love than Jesus Love for His Friends

I. By His Deliberate Sacrifice: He gave his life for his friends 15:13

II. By His Deep Intimacy: 15:15

A. He Raises Us to Privileged Status – from slave to friend (15a)

B. He Relates to Us with Privileged Communication (15b)

III. By His Divine Initiative: He chooses his friends 15:16a, 19

Practically Applied: This should motivate us to obey Jesus’ command to “love one another” (12, 17)

1. Do you demonstrate love to the brethren by giving yourself to them sacrificially?

2. Do you cherish His Word? Do you share His Word with each other?

3. Do you take the initiative to reach out to brethren who may not fit your criteria for a friend?

4. Does God’s love for you lead to fruit bearing
(this directly impacts how we relate to others)

1) the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22)?

2) the conversion of others (Mt. 5:16)?