Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

No Gain Without Pain  

John 12:20-37
Fulfilling our “chief end to glorify God” comes through much tribulation

I. Request of the Greeks: No Gain Without Pain Triggered 12:20-22
A. Reaction of Jesus Illustrated 12:23-26
B. Reaction of Jesus Expressed 12:27-28
II. Reassurance of His Father: No Gain Without Pain Supported 12:29-30
III. Results of the Effort: No Gain Without Pain Vindicated 12:31-34
A. Judgment on the World 12:31a
B. Triumph over Satan 12:31b
C. Rescue of Sinners 12:32-34
IV. Epilogue: Rejection of the Light – the Grim Alternative 12:35-37
V. Application: