Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

It is All About Jesus

Summary: In the course of a day the disciples of Jesus went from despair to joyful worship. What happened? After being raised from the dead, Jesus took a 7 mile walk with some of his disciples and ate with others. During this time he unpacked the storyline of the Bible showing that everything pivoted on the person and work of Christ. Further, he showed them that he was in fact raised from the dead and that he had work for them to do. The end result for these formerly downtrodden disciples is joyful worship and intentional living. This encounter with Jesus on the road to Emmaus put everything into perspective. It shows us that truly, it’s all about Jesus!

Main Point: The Resurrection of Jesus puts everything in perspective. It shows us that truly—It’s all about Jesus.

Outline: Five Lessons from the Road to Emmaus

1. If the gospel were not true then we should be miserable. (13-24)

2. The Bible is all about Jesus. (25-27)

3. Christ-centered preaching deeply affects people. (28-45)

4. The resurrected Christ prioritizes mission. (45-49)

5. Faith in Christ brings joyful worship. (50-53)