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Far as the Curse is Found

Summary: The term “curse” has meandered a bit in its arrival at our contemporary understanding. When we think of a curse we think of magic, voodoo, or a string of bad baseball seasons. The biblical usage is quite different. It centers upon God’s just dealings with sin. The study of this curse motif will also provide framework for understanding God’s goodness, mercy, and grace. As a result, we can understand why the hymn writer, with eyes full of gospel, proclaimed, “Joy to the world…he came to make his blessings flow, as far as the curse is found.” Joy comes in knowing God and what he has done for sinners through the gospel.

Main Point: God puts his love for sinners and his hatred of sin on display as he deals with the curse.

Outline: 3 vivid projections of God’s character from the perspective of the curse
1) God Decrees the curse
2) God Becomes the curse
3) God Removes the curse