Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Benedictus – Song of Blessing

Luke 1:67-75
Our redemption is worth singing about!

Five reminders of our redemption:

I. The Prophet of Redemption: the backstory/birth of John the Baptist (5-25, 57-66)

II. The Pattern of Redemption: language of the Exodus (a motif for the spiritual redemption of God’s people) (67-68)

III. The Power of Redemption: Covenant made with David (Jesus a royal heir to David’s throne) (69-71)

IV. The Promise of Redemption: Covenant made with Abraham (God’s people redeemed from every nation) (72-73)

V. The Purpose of Redemption: to serve/worship God as a kingdom of priests (the song applied to the redeemed) (74-75) – Serve:  (1) “without fear” (2) “in holiness and righteousness” (3) “before him” (i.e. “in his presence”) (4)  “all our days” (i.e. now and forever).