Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

A Royal Wedding Song 

Psalm 45

The Church lives in awe of her King while anticipating an eternal union with him.

I. The Poet’s Exuberance 45:1
II. The Groom’s Excellence 45:2-9
A. Gracious Speech  (2)
B. Conquering Sword  (3-5)
C. Divine Supremacy (6a, 7b)
D. Righteous Sceptre   (6,7)
E. Wealthy Status (8,9)
III. The Bride’s Allegiance 45:10-15
A. The Charge (11)
B. The Blessings (12, 13)
C. The Glory (13-15)
IV. The Lord’s Providence 45:16, 17
A. The King’s Posterity (16)
B. The King’s Praise (17)