Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons on Providence

Preparing for and Enduring Persecution

Text: Psalm 44 Big Idea: God’s people must be prepared for foes whose hatred will lead to rising up against them. Outline: How can we be prepared for and endure these foes? (1) Meditate on and remember redemptive history (Vs. 1-3) (2) Meditate on and remember God’s omnipotence (Vs. 4-8) (3) Meditate on and remember God’s providence (Vs. 9-22) (4) Meditate on…

Then They Sat Down To Eat

God is so sovereign, He fulfills His plans for good, even as people fulfill their desire for evil. Genesis 37:2-36 1) Our desires cannot be infantilized (2:24) 2) Sin promises satisfaction but delivers mourning (25-35) 3) Providence is often invisible, even unpleasant, but never absent (36)

The Life We Never Expected

You can begin and end each day trusting God because while His providence may take unexpected turns it is never accidental; God steers the ship with a steady hand. Genesis 29:1-20 Rejoice when blessings fall in your lap (29:1-20) Learn when discipline stings (29:21-25a) Look at the big picture when life doesn’t make sense (29:25b-30)