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Sermons on Grief

Preparing for and Enduring Persecution

Text: Psalm 44 Big Idea: God’s people must be prepared for foes whose hatred will lead to rising up against them. Outline: How can we be prepared for and endure these foes? (1) Meditate on and remember redemptive history (Vs. 1-3) (2) Meditate on and remember God’s omnipotence (Vs. 4-8) (3) Meditate on and remember God’s providence (Vs. 9-22) (4) Meditate on…

Then They Sat Down To Eat

God is so sovereign, He fulfills His plans for good, even as people fulfill their desire for evil. Genesis 37:2-36 1) Our desires cannot be infantilized (2:24) 2) Sin promises satisfaction but delivers mourning (25-35) 3) Providence is often invisible, even unpleasant, but never absent (36)