Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons on Grace

The Greatest Servant of All

John 13:1–20 Following Christ means receiving his loving service and then exemplifying it  Five aspects of Christ’s love (1) A perfect love (1-3) (2) A humble love (4-5) (3) A contingent love (6-8) (4) A determining love (9-11; 18-19) (5) A reproducing love (12-17; 20)

Saved by Grace

We deserved God’s wrath but we were made trophies of grace so we might live a life God has called us to live. This passage answers three necessary questions to properly understand salvation: 1. What were we apart from Christ? Spiritually Dead (1-3) 2. What are we with Christ Spiritually Alive (4-7) 3. What was it all for? God’s Glory (8-10)

But God Meant It for Good

“…But God Meant It For Good.” Remarkable faith comes from embracing God’s complete sovereignty and unwavering faithfulness.   Genesis 50:15-26 1) The haunting fear of retribution (15-18) 2) The refreshing aroma of grace (19-21) 3) The lingering promise of visitation (22-26)

The Stolen Blessing and a Sovereign Will

Reliance upon our natural impulses, rather than God’s Word, for spiritual direction is insufficient and often brings big problems. A. Deception within the family  27:1-29 Scene 1: Isaac and Esau’s plan — 1-4 Scene 2: Rebekah and Jacob’s plan — 5-17 Scene 3: Jacob’s execution of the deceptive plan — 18-29 B. Distress within the family 27:30-46 Scene 4: The anguish of…

A Dysfunctional Family

Genesis 19:30-38 We must carefully consider what we do because the consequences of selfishness are far greater than we’d expect. Three questions from a very disturbing scene: Explanation—what happened here? Implications—what does this mean? Application—how does this apply to us and our church?

Hear The Righteous Gavel Pound

Justification is a gracious act where God declares ungodly people to be perfect in his sight. Genesis 15:6, Romans 4 God justifies the ungodly by grace alone… God justifies the ungodly by grace alone through faith alone… God justifies the ungodly by grace alone through faith alone by declaring them righteous… God justifies the ungodly by grace alone through faith alone by…