Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons on Glory

When Suffering Comes

1 Peter 4:12-19 Trust God in suffering for it comes not by chance but by his fatherly hand. Six directives for when suffering comes your way 1. Don’t be surprised (12) 2. Do rejoice (13-14) 3. Don’t be ashamed (15-16) 4. Do Glorify God (16) 5. Don’t be nearsighted (17-18) 6. Do be Christlike (19; 2:23)

A Royal Wedding Song 

Psalm 45 The Church lives in awe of her King while anticipating an eternal union with him. I. The Poet’s Exuberance 45:1 II. The Groom’s Excellence 45:2-9 A. Gracious Speech  (2) B. Conquering Sword  (3-5) C. Divine Supremacy (6a, 7b) D. Righteous Sceptre   (6,7) E. Wealthy Status (8,9) III. The Bride’s Allegiance 45:10-15 A. The Charge (11) B. The Blessings (12,…