Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons by Thomas Anderson

God’s Grace is Greater

Psalm 51 The way to truly obtain God’s grace is to first experience brokenness over sin. Five aspects of God’s grace: 1. The Context of God’s Grace 2. The Plea for God’s Grace (1-6) 3. The Work of God’s Grace (7-12) 4. The Response to God’s Grace (13-17) 5. The Corporate Nature of God’s Grace (18-19)

Father Abraham

God establishes a relationship with humanity by making an agreement (covenant) between God and father Abraham: Progressive (Gen 12:1-7) Call Gen 12:1-3 Covenant Gen 15:1-21 Circumcision Gen17:1-14 Exod 2:24,25; 3:14,15; 6:2,3 People (Gen 12:2;15:5) Abraham Gen 11:23-27; 12:2; 12:7 Isaac Gen 24-27 Jacob (Israel) Gen 27-36 Exod 1:1-7; 4:23 Possession (Gen 12:7;15:18) From the Nile to the Euphrates Gen15:18 Exod 3:6-8 Provision…

Heavenly Citizens 

1 Peter 2:13-17 We must engage the kingdom of this world with heart postures consistent with citizenship in God’s Kingdom. Three heart postures of God’s citizens: 1. A posture of submission (13-14) 2. A posture of service (15-16) 3. A posture of fear (17)

Separated from God 

Psalm 43 Like David, when we feel separated from God, our souls must long to praise God according to the means that He has provided us with. Three pleas in the midst of a felt separation: 1. God, vindicate me (1-2) 2. God, send out your light and your truth (3-4) 3. Soul, hope in God (5)

Define the Relationship

John 15:18-16:4 When the world is hostile toward our faith, we must be sure to define our relationship with Jesus. Three relationships every Christian must define: 1. Your relationship with the world. (18-20) 2. The world’s relationship with Jesus. (21-25) 3. Your relationship with the Helper. (26-27) 4. Application (16:1-4)

Rock of Refuge

When we are in the valley of sorrow, we must seek the Rock of Refuge. Five habits which will help us seek the Rock of Refuge: Cry for help (1–2) Remember God’s character (3–8) Get real (9–13) Be persistent in prayer (14–20) Praise His name (21–24)