Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Genesis (Page 3)

The Stolen Blessing and a Sovereign Will

Reliance upon our natural impulses, rather than God’s Word, for spiritual direction is insufficient and often brings big problems. A. Deception within the family  27:1-29 Scene 1: Isaac and Esau’s plan — 1-4 Scene 2: Rebekah and Jacob’s plan — 5-17 Scene 3: Jacob’s execution of the deceptive plan — 18-29 B. Distress within the family 27:30-46 Scene 4: The anguish of…

Abraham Jr: Blessed of the Lord

Even in seasons of difficulty, you can trust God to keep His Word. Genesis 26 Three consolations during seasons of adversity God blesses His people in spite of them being a bit of a mess God (often) directs His people to the hard path that He’s paved with blessings God consoles His people with an oath

Faith in God’s Enduring Promise

Believers must order their lives by faith in God’s enduring promises. Genesis 25:1-18 Three timeless reminders about trusting God in life and death: Believing God’s promises means making hard choices God’s purposes continue, even though faithful leaders die We lay hold of God’s promised inheritance through faith

Now I Know that You Fear God

Genesis 22 If you fear God then you will surrender everything you have to him while trusting him to provide everything you need. Four marks of a God-fearing person 1. Understand why and how God tests you (1-2) 2. Show your faith with trusting obedience (3-10) 3. Receive God’s provision for worshipping him (11-14) 4. Rejoice in God’s assurance of his blessings (15-19)

Children of the Promise

Text:  Genesis 21:8-21; Galatians 4-5 Big Idea:  We must remove anything that opposes God’s promise plan of blessing. Scene 1: A Difficult but Necessary Parting (8-14)     Conflict:         A threat to Isaac, the son of the promise     Resolution:    Send out Hagar and Ishmael Scene 2: A Sad but Compassionate Providence (15-21)     Conflict:         A threat to Hagar…