Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons on Psalms

The End of Unjust Rule

Psalm 58 Unjust rulers will be judged severely when the Just Ruler rewards the righteous. 1. The confrontation of unjust rulers (1-2) 2. The corruption of unjust rulers (3-5) 3. The curse upon unjust rulers (6-9) 4. The confidence in a Just Ruler (10-11)

From Tribulation to Celebration

Working through a trial with confidence through prayer to the point of praise. David teaches us how we can work through difficult situations in life I. The Setting: A Painful Crisis II. The Solution: 1. A Prayerful Cry 2. A Peaceful Confidence 3. A Praiseful Celebration 4. A Prophetical Consolation

God’s Grace is Greater

Psalm 51 The way to truly obtain God’s grace is to first experience brokenness over sin. Five aspects of God’s grace: 1. The Context of God’s Grace 2. The Plea for God’s Grace (1-6) 3. The Work of God’s Grace (7-12) 4. The Response to God’s Grace (13-17) 5. The Corporate Nature of God’s Grace (18-19)