Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons on John (Page 4)

True Discipleship to “I Am”

True discipleship is freedom from self-interest and the devil and freedom for God. Jesus addresses three issues to clarify true discipleship: The promise of freedom (31–36) The problem of parentage (37–47) The pinnacle of authority (48–59)

Living Water

As the source of living water, Jesus invites everyone who thirsts to come and drink. Four reasonable actions in light of Jesus’ teaching: Revere his authority (14–24) Receive his identity (25–36) Respond to his invitation (37–39) Recognize his opposition (40–52)

The Nature of Unbelief

John 7:1-13  As opposition rises, Jesus diagnoses the true nature of unbelief. Three manifestations of unbelief and the faithfulness of Christ     The Religious Authorities – open hostility (1-2)     Jesus’ Brothers – double-tongued (3-5)     The Crowd – reluctance (10-13)     Christ the Faithful (6-10)  

The Bread Of Life

As the Bread of Life, Jesus offers satisfaction for souls while challenging human pride and unbelief Jesus addresses seven misunderstandings clarifying who He is while challenging unbelief     Why did you leave us? (22-27)     What works do we need to do? (28-29)     What sign can you give? (30-33)     Can we have more bread? (34-40)     Aren’t you from Nazareth? (41-51)    …

A Sabbath Healing

Jesus intentionally heals on the Sabbath to reveal His identity as the Son of God. Three surprising moments that reveal Jesus’ identity (1) An unsought healing (1-9) (2) An unnecessary rebuke (9-16) (3) An unutterable claim (17-18)