Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Sermons on Genesis (Page 4)

Now I Know that You Fear God

Genesis 22 If you fear God then you will surrender everything you have to him while trusting him to provide everything you need. Four marks of a God-fearing person 1. Understand why and how God tests you (1-2) 2. Show your faith with trusting obedience (3-10) 3. Receive God’s provision for worshipping him (11-14) 4. Rejoice in God’s assurance of his blessings (15-19)

Children of the Promise

Text:  Genesis 21:8-21; Galatians 4-5 Big Idea:  We must remove anything that opposes God’s promise plan of blessing. Scene 1: A Difficult but Necessary Parting (8-14)     Conflict:         A threat to Isaac, the son of the promise     Resolution:    Send out Hagar and Ishmael Scene 2: A Sad but Compassionate Providence (15-21)     Conflict:         A threat to Hagar…

The Promise Keeper

Since God has a track record of keeping His promises, we must count on Him to do the same today. Genesis 21:1-7 God keeps His promises ( 1-2) Faithfully Powerfully Punctually Faith responds to God’s faithfulness (3-7) Obedience Marvel Humility

A Dysfunctional Family

Genesis 19:30-38 We must carefully consider what we do because the consequences of selfishness are far greater than we’d expect. Three questions from a very disturbing scene: Explanation—what happened here? Implications—what does this mean? Application—how does this apply to us and our church?

The Good Judge

Even though in our minds what is good and just may have some tension, in God’s mind these two are in perfect harmony. We can be confident that God will always do what is right; and what is right is also, always good. God reveals his plans in order to train us in righteousness (16-21) God’s people are to prayerfully engage with…

Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?

Because nothing is too hard for the Lord, we must believe his promises. Two reminders that feed our faith in God: 1. God uses a meal to communicate the close and special relationship that he has with his people (1-8) 2. God’s promises don’t ultimately depend upon our ability and faithfulness, but upon His (9-15)