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Sermons on Genesis

Joseph – An Earthly Journey to Eternal Glory

God uses providence in history to bring about his redemptive Purposes. Genesis 37-50 The providence of God in the little story of Joseph: Exodus to Canaan The Preparation – Pandemonium to the Pit (37-39) The Exaltation – Prison to the Palace (40-41) The Reconciliation – Subversion to Submission (42-45) The Preservation – Famine to Feasting (47-47) The Emigration (Exodus) – Bondage to…

Father Abraham

God establishes a relationship with humanity by making an agreement (covenant) between God and father Abraham: Progressive (Gen 12:1-7) Call Gen 12:1-3 Covenant Gen 15:1-21 Circumcision Gen17:1-14 Exod 2:24,25; 3:14,15; 6:2,3 People (Gen 12:2;15:5) Abraham Gen 11:23-27; 12:2; 12:7 Isaac Gen 24-27 Jacob (Israel) Gen 27-36 Exod 1:1-7; 4:23 Possession (Gen 12:7;15:18) From the Nile to the Euphrates Gen15:18 Exod 3:6-8 Provision…

But God Meant It for Good

“…But God Meant It For Good.” Remarkable faith comes from embracing God’s complete sovereignty and unwavering faithfulness.   Genesis 50:15-26 1) The haunting fear of retribution (15-18) 2) The refreshing aroma of grace (19-21) 3) The lingering promise of visitation (22-26)