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Living Out the Gospel: Putting on Christ

The Christian who has a firm grip upon the reality of new life in Christ will not only be putting off what remains of his former lifestyle, but also be putting on the new life that reflects Christ in all things. This message continues the series, Living out the Gospel and aims to remind Christians of the priority of being Christ-Centered in…

Living out our Dual Citizenship

As believers we have had the strings cut to this current transitory order through the death of Christ and have been granted access to the world of heavenly blessings through the resurrection of Christ. However, we still live in this world. How is the Christian to navigate the period of time between conversion and heaven?

Fighting Lust with Lust

As the Creator, God has outfitted humanity with emotions and passions. How are these to be employed? What is the answer to sexual lust? What does the Scripture say about lust? In this message we aim to think biblically about our passions and desires, specifically with regard for the glory of Christ.

The Priority and Practice of Gospel-Centeredness

Paul writes with an iron pen and a tender heart in his letter to the Galatians. This is because of what is at stake. Paul sees fidelity to the gospel and the sanctification of believers as absolutely crucial. Therefore he writes this extremely practical letter that is so instructive for us in pursuing a biblical Gospel balance.

The Christmas Gift that Nobody Wanted

Christmas is not a season of prideful self-promotion, but of intense humility and thanksgiving. God made the world and came into the world to save it. But the world was so depraved that it rejected him. However, God showed his power in the triumph of his grace, causing rebels to want him. This is nothing more than the realization of the truth…