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The Resume of Jesus, Part 1

Throughout history there is perhaps no one who has been more widely mistaken than Jesus. There have been attempts to recast, redefine, remold and remix Jesus at every turn. Fortunately God has spoken with clarity as to who Jesus is and what he has done. In these sermons we aim to have our minds informed and reformed by the biblical Jesus.

Why the Gospel Should Make You Happy

According to Scripture, part of walking in a manner that pleases the Lord is to be thankful (1:12). It is not just what we have been saved from that should ignite and sustain our praise but what we have been saved to. In this passage we are called to sit and stare at the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and in so…

Introduction to Colossians

Colossians is all about the sufficiency of Jesus Christ to bring about spiritual life and maturity. Providentially God has allowed error to take root and serve as a fitting point of contrast for this young church. Throughout the ages Colossians has served as a helpful recalibration of the Christian’s means and motivation for godliness onto the supreme and sufficient Christ.