Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples


The Centrality of Blood in our Worship

God is specific and particular about how he is to be worshiped. He requires joyful obedience as his people promote his greatness in their community. Strangely, blood is at the center of this worship. In this chapter we understand more about God’s holiness, our access, the ugliness of idolatry, and ultimately the precious blood of Christ.

A Bad Day for Aaron and His Sons

Coming off of a great day for the family of Aaron we have this jaw-dropping scene in Leviticus 10. God once again shows himself in his powerful holiness. However, this time he consumes with fire all who disregard his holiness. This sober passage causes all of us to ask how we would deal with such a God. And in so doing it…

A Good Day for Aaron and His Sons

God has promised to dwell with his people. However, his unflinching holiness and their abiding sinfulness make this reality seem impossible. Because he is gracious God provides representatives to mediate between his people and himself. In this God shows us that the enjoyment of his blessings are mediated by perfect obedience. The newly ordained priests in their insufficiency and weakness gloriously point…