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A Son is Given

A Son is Given Exodus 2:1-10 God delivers a deliverer in preparation for the Deliverer to come Six observations about the birth of Moses 1. Prequalified for priestly service (1) 2. Privately kept by his parents  (2-4) 3. Protected by providence (5-6) 4. Preserved by prudence (7-8) 5. Provided for as a prince (9-10) 6. Points to the Promised One

Introducing Exodus

God works sovereignly to save a people for His own glory! Three introductory matters for our series through Exodus Why preach through Exodus? How to approach Exodus? Biblical Historical Theological Christological Practical What’s Exodus all about? God works sovereignly: In Moses In Pharaoh God works sovereignly to save a people By distinguising His people from the Egyptians By distinguishing His people from…

Joseph – An Earthly Journey to Eternal Glory

God uses providence in history to bring about his redemptive Purposes. Genesis 37-50 The providence of God in the little story of Joseph: Exodus to Canaan The Preparation – Pandemonium to the Pit (37-39) The Exaltation – Prison to the Palace (40-41) The Reconciliation – Subversion to Submission (42-45) The Preservation – Famine to Feasting (47-47) The Emigration (Exodus) – Bondage to…

Father Abraham

God establishes a relationship with humanity by making an agreement (covenant) between God and father Abraham: Progressive (Gen 12:1-7) Call Gen 12:1-3 Covenant Gen 15:1-21 Circumcision Gen17:1-14 Exod 2:24,25; 3:14,15; 6:2,3 People (Gen 12:2;15:5) Abraham Gen 11:23-27; 12:2; 12:7 Isaac Gen 24-27 Jacob (Israel) Gen 27-36 Exod 1:1-7; 4:23 Possession (Gen 12:7;15:18) From the Nile to the Euphrates Gen15:18 Exod 3:6-8 Provision…