Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples


An animal then, Jesus now

There should be continual and increasing awe for how God paved the way for Jesus’ sacrificial death to make sense to us. Leviticus 1:1-9 Four headings to aid us in considering the foreshadowing of Jesus’ sacrificial death: God is directing this (1) The answer for their sin problem (2-3a) How this offering makes atonement for sin (3b-9a) How God responds to this…

The Suffering of Christ

If Christ was willing to suffer for you, are you willing to suffer for him? The similarities of Christ’s suffering and ours: Experienced for righteousness sake Results in much good Ends in vindication and glory The uniqueness of Christ’s suffering for us: Penal Final Substitutional Effectual

Holiness in the Home, Part 2

Holiness in the Home Part 2 1 Peter 3:7 Holy husbands live with their wives in light of who they are by nature and by grace Three guardrails for the holy husband (1) The Preliminary Assumptions for Husbands (2) The Primary Responsibility for Husbands a. The Directive- Live with understanding b. The Manner- Show honor c. The Difference- Weaker vessel d. The…