Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples


From Tribulation to Celebration

Working through a trial with confidence through prayer to the point of praise. David teaches us how we can work through difficult situations in life I. The Setting: A Painful Crisis II. The Solution: 1. A Prayerful Cry 2. A Peaceful Confidence 3. A Praiseful Celebration 4. A Prophetical Consolation

God’s Grace is Greater

Psalm 51 The way to truly obtain God’s grace is to first experience brokenness over sin. Five aspects of God’s grace: 1. The Context of God’s Grace 2. The Plea for God’s Grace (1-6) 3. The Work of God’s Grace (7-12) 4. The Response to God’s Grace (13-17) 5. The Corporate Nature of God’s Grace (18-19)

Remember God

Exodus 6 Patiently endure troubling times by remembering who God is. Four reminders when you face troubling times: 1. God’s Control (1) 2. God’s Character (2-3) 3. God’s Covenant (4-9) 4. God’s Circumcision (10-30)