Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples


Treachery and Glory

Treachery and Glory John 18:1-12 King Jesus surrenders to the world’s betrayal to drink the cup for the world’s salvation  Two contrasting portraits (1) The treachery of the world (2) The glory of Jesus a. As the Sovereign King b. As the Submissive Lamb

A Unified Bride

Title: A Unified Bride Text: John 17:20-23 Big Idea: The glorious truth of the gospel is displayed to the ends of the earth through a unified bride. Outline: Jesus’ prayer provides some key understandings of unity: 1. Intercession is needed (20) 2. The spiritual depth of unity (21, 23) 3. What unity models  (21-23) 4. What unity achieves (21, 23) 5. Practical…

Be Holy

Be Holy John 17:17-19 Jesus’ will for Christians is that they live holy lives. Three characteristics of Biblical holiness: 1. Holiness is Word-centered (17) 2. Holiness is missional (18) 3. Holiness is accomplished (19)

Jesus Prays for His Disciples Part I

John 17:6-11a Jesus grounds intercession on his finished work and his people’s identity  Jesus gives the grounds of his prayer for the disciples summed up in two headings: (1) His finished work a. Revelation (6) b. Proclamation (8) c. Intercession (9) d. Passion (11) (2) His people’s identity a. Possessed by God (6,9,10) b. Obedient to the Word (6) c. Believers of…

Mission Accomplished

John 17:4-5 Sent by the Father, Jesus endured the cross in exchange for the crown Three phases of God’s plan of redemption from eternity past (1) The Work Received by the Son (v 4) (2) The Work Accomplished by the Son (v 4) (3) The Glory Deserved by the Son (v 5)