Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples


A Royal Wedding Song 

Psalm 45 The Church lives in awe of her King while anticipating an eternal union with him. I. The Poet’s Exuberance 45:1 II. The Groom’s Excellence 45:2-9 A. Gracious Speech  (2) B. Conquering Sword  (3-5) C. Divine Supremacy (6a, 7b) D. Righteous Sceptre   (6,7) E. Wealthy Status (8,9) III. The Bride’s Allegiance 45:10-15 A. The Charge (11) B. The Blessings (12,…

Preparing for and Enduring Persecution

Text: Psalm 44 Big Idea: God’s people must be prepared for foes whose hatred will lead to rising up against them. Outline: How can we be prepared for and endure these foes? (1) Meditate on and remember redemptive history (Vs. 1-3) (2) Meditate on and remember God’s omnipotence (Vs. 4-8) (3) Meditate on and remember God’s providence (Vs. 9-22) (4) Meditate on…

Separated from God 

Psalm 43 Like David, when we feel separated from God, our souls must long to praise God according to the means that He has provided us with. Three pleas in the midst of a felt separation: 1. God, vindicate me (1-2) 2. God, send out your light and your truth (3-4) 3. Soul, hope in God (5)

God’s Faithfulness 

Psalm 41 God blesses our charity with his charity Three testimonies to God’s faithfulness (1)  God’s faithfulness according to David a. The Principle (1-3) b. The Plea (4-10) c. The Proof (11-12) d. The Praise (13) (2)  God’s faithfulness according to Christ (3)  God’s faithfulness according to Us

A Great Salvation

A Great Salvation Your salvation should encourage you to stand firm until the end! Five reasons your salvation should encourage you to stand firm until the end! 1. It was Prioritized for your Life in Christ through Peter’s Letter (1:1-12) Doxological Incentives Theological Indicatives Paradoxical  Inclusio 2. It was Prepared for you by Christ through the Prophets of Old (10b, 11, 12)…

Elect Exiles

1 Peter 1:1-2 Our new identity was planned and procured by the Triune God Three descriptions of how we came to be who we are: (1) The Source- Foreknowledge of the Father (2) The Means- Sanctification of the Spirit (3) The Goal- Obedience and Sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ