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Adult Bible School

Audio for all recorded Adult Bible School classes and Systematic Theology lectures is hosted on SoundCloud:
Please visit that page to listen.

Recent Lectures

The main page will have the latest posted lecture at the very top, followed by recent courses.

Course Organization

To access lectures arranged under their course title, click on the Playlists tab.


Since Dec. 2019, links to handouts are included in the brief description area for each audio track. These can be visited by clicking on an audio playlist, and then on the desired lecture.
Go here to see a 12-second video click-through example.


Though there is not a way to limit a search on SoundCloud to Emmaus’ content, prepending “emmaus bible church” to the search term will usually come up with relevant results, provided words from the title of the lecture or course are used.
E.g., searching for “emmaus bible church justification” brings up a class on the 11th chapter of the London Baptist Confession as well as a class on justification from the course “Big Words to Know, Love, and Share” in 2017.


To listen to these lectures on your mobile device, install the SoundCloud app, open it, and search for “emmaus bible church.”


To have the most recent audio lectures appear in a feed in your podcast player, right-click the following link, choose “copy link,” and paste into your podcast app: