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The reality is that all of our money belongs to God. What we have to give, we give not from what we have earned, but we give of what has been graciously gifted to us by God. The reality that all of our money is God’s helps us to replicate the New Testament pattern for Christian giving. In the New Testament, Christian giving is to be characterized by three things: joy, sacrifice, and regularity. We pray this for you, that you would be a cheerful giver to the glory of God. 

Emmaus is grateful to God for the gifts and resources that God has given us as a church. Emmaus Bible Church recognizes that it is the Church’s responsibility to be good stewards with the finances that God has freely given. If you would like to give to the gospel’s cause in Omaha, click the Donate button below to be directed to Emmaus Bible Church’s secure PayPal site.