Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

Our membership agreement summarizes how we agree to live together as a church. It represents biblical priorities for a church and as a result, a summary of expectations for one another. Our acceptance of this agreement follows the practice by Christians throughout history who have pledged to God and one another to live faithfully in gospel community.

We use this membership agreement in two ways at Emmaus. We require all new members to sign it before joining the church. We also use it to reaffirm our commitment to one another at members’ meetings. Our goal in featuring the membership agreement is to remind ourselves of the beauty of the local church and to protect ourselves from individual and corporate sin. We aim to encourage each other on to faithful endurance, living in light of God’s faithful promises to us, his church through Christ, our Savior.

“Because God has graciously called me into fellowship with Him, through His Son and by the Holy Spirit, and being convinced from Scripture that the Christian life is to be lived out in the context of the church, and that that this local assembly is a biblical expression of such a church, I joyfully enter into the fellowship of Emmaus Bible Church.

I will aim therefore, with the aid of the Holy Spirit and in response to the gospel of Christ, to walk together in Christian love, to be submissive to the leadership of the Elders, to strive for the advancement of the ministry of this church–even to the laying down of my life in the service to Christ–to promote its growth in the gospel; to sustain its worship, ordinances, discipline and doctrines; to contribute cheerfully, sacrificially, and regularly of my income as God has graciously blessed me. In view of the glory of Christ and the purity of the church, I will aim to serve Christ and one another heartily, according to my gifts and talents. I expect and trust that if I am persistent in sin that this body of believers at Emmaus Bible Church will hold me accountable with loving reproof, instruction and exhortation to help keep me faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. If ever I continue without true repentance, I implore this body to seek my spiritual restoration by following Jesus’ plan for purity in his church as outlined in Matthew 18:15-20.

I moreover resolve that if the Lord moves me from this church that I do so in a manner consistent with biblical love, communication, truth and the good of Christ’s body, including notifying and requesting counsel from EBC leadership, and further, to unite with a church where I can carry out the principles and spirit of this agreement.”