Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples


Hospitality is a mark of being gripped by how God loves us in the gospel. It involves intentionally loving others by allowing them into our time and space. This was a hallmark of the early church and the people of God throughout history. At Emmaus, there are two simple ways to begin to do this right away.

Stay Around after Service: On Sunday morning make it a point to stay around and talk with others after the service. You will notice as you stay that many other people are visiting and enjoying good, encouraging conversations. It is often here that as people are talking and getting to know one another that relationships are built and further discipleship opportunities are identified. Think about the Sunday gathering as a family meal; in this way it would make sense that we would loiter a bit and talk to those who are dear to us. We invite you to stay around after service this Sunday as you pursue getting connected at Emmaus.

Share a Meal with Others: If you are newer at Emmaus you may feel a bit awkward about inviting someone to your home. However, we have attempted to build a culture where it is normal. We hope that people who have been at Emmaus longer will invite newer folks over but we also hope that those who are new, and seeking to get connected, will take the initiative to get to know others in this way. Living these lives of open intentionality helps to cultivate a culture of hospitality in a church.