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Preparing for Sunday at Emmaus (Judges 4)

Having finished up our study in Hebrews and before I begin a short preaching break, I feel that we would be well served with a quick trip to the Old Testament. I was reading this passage earlier in the week for devotions and it struck me with how God-ward salvation is. Take some time to read through this passage, especially if you haven’t read…

Emmaus Preaching Update

As I mentioned on Sunday, we are coming upon the end of our study in Hebrews. It has been such a rich and rewarding time to marinate on the glorious supremacy of Christ. If you are newer to Emmaus the previous (39!) sermons for the entire book may be found here. In August I will be…

Preparing to Gather on Sunday

Often times we read Hebrews 13:20-21 as the benediction at the conclusion of our service. We do this because it is such a powerful reminder of God’s faithfulness to his promises and his people. It encourages us to be faithful in light of how God has been–and continues to be so faithful to us. But,…

New Adult Bible School Classes

Here is the schedule for the 9:00 hour from July 26th-October. (1) Track: History and Theology Course: Living as a Church Teacher: Ron Martina Location: North side of Upstairs Auditorium Length: 13 weeks Our goal for this class is to explore a practical blueprint of what makes a church healthy—where sound doctrine expresses itself in love…

Preparing for Sunday at Emmaus

With this post we are working to prepare ourselves for our Sunday morning gathering together. Below you will find the Liturgy which includes the songs we will be singing and the Scripture we will be reading and studying. These will be particularly beneficial to familiarize yourself with before Sunday morning. The sermon text is Hebrews 13:17-19, though most of our attention will…

Preparing for this Sunday at Emmaus

This Sunday morning we will gather together in the name of Christ to encourage one another and make much of him. Below you will find our sermon information as well as the liturgy for the morning. Please take some time to review the passage and prayerfully prepare for our time together. The sermon will focus on Romans 6. This is a crucial…

Remember, You Are Not Yet Home

white house rainbow

This is a strange time for patriotic American Christians. On the one hand, we will observe the 4th of July this weekend. Most of our neighborhoods are ringing with fireworks and are adorned with symbols of American pride. Many will celebrate the 4th with family, friends, and an open grill. At the same time, our stomaches are still turning by the fresh reminder that we and our Christianity are increasingly not welcome here. This is truly a strange confluence of emotions.

Feeling Unwelcome Here

In talking with a number of Christians last week I was struck by how the Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage brought such an unsettling clarity to their perspective. Any morning fog that lingered in our minds that this was a nation that was at least neutral towards biblical Christianity was quickly eradicated last Friday. With the court’s affirmation, the chorus of celebrations on the news and in our neighborhoods, and then the White House being lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate the decision, it seemed to bring clarity. Most Christians knew this deep down but for some it did not home until last week. At some point they looked up and said, “I’m not welcome here.”

What Not To Do

What do you do about this?

Reading for Information vs. Reading for Delight


I walked into a store recently and was greeted by a middle-aged women standing behind a booth strategically located in the entrance. “Good afternoon sir, do you get the Omaha-World Herald delivered to your home?” I did not, so I smiled politely and answered her question explaining that while I skim the newspaper on my phone I do not have plans to read the paper regularly. As I walked off I wondered about why I don’t read the paper. The answer seemed obvious: I don’t enjoy it, I simply scan it for information.

This reminded me of something that Alan Jacobs observed in his book The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction. He noted that with the advancement of technology, in particular web media, we are becoming people who are relentless scanners for information. This is not a bad thing of course, but we must remember that technological advancements are never free—they always cost us something. In this case our grazing for information is costing us our love for reading. His book, in my view, is eye-opening.

I have seen a similar phenomenon in the church. When I visit with people and ask them about their Bible reading they often look and sound guilty. Comments include: “I need to get back to that.” “I just need to be more committed.” “I really need to do a better job.” However, when I ask why they don’t read the answer is almost always the same: “I don’t know.”