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Emmaus Preaching Update

emmaus preaching

As I mentioned on Sunday, we are coming upon the end of our study in Hebrews. It has been such a rich and rewarding time to marinate on the glorious supremacy of Christ. If you are newer to Emmaus the previous (39!) sermons for the entire book may be found here.

In August I will be taking a break from preaching and taking some vacation. Pastors Ron, Luke, and Matt will preach and Pastor Josh, of Providence Bible Church, will preach on the 31st.

Then in September we will begin a brief study in Habakkuk which will remind us that God is always working in this world, even when we may not realize it. He is always working for our good and his glory. We, must therefore, live by faith.

In October and November we will study Phillipeans and be reminded of the privlidge that we have as Christians to be united in and for the gospel.

Then in December we will take time to consider the incarnation of Christ with Advent.

After is a surprise! But, we are due for a study in the Pentateuch (one of the first 5 books of the Bible). I am beginning to lean in a particular direction here (there is a hint).

Please continue to pray for me and the other pastors as we work to rightly divide the Word of God. We are grateful that God has assembled a number of people who are hungry for the Word of God and dissatisfied with additives and preservatives.

Together for the gospel,

Pastor Erik