Glorify God, Live Together, Make Disciples

New Adult Bible School Classes

Here is the schedule for the 9:00 hour from July 26th-October.
(1) Track: History and Theology
Course: Living as a Church
Teacher: Ron Martina
Location: North side of Upstairs Auditorium
Length: 13 weeks

Our goal for this class is to explore a practical blueprint of what makes a church healthy—where sound doctrine expresses itself in love that glorifies God.

How is it that we, in our imperfect state, can gather together as a local church where unity abounds—not the forced unity that denies differences, overlooks difficulty, or compromises the message of the gospel—but unity that preserves the message of the gospel and acts as a compelling testimony to its value?

(2) Track: Bible Overview
Course: New Testament Survey I
Teachers: Matt Fudge and Roger Wedel
Location: Training Center
Length: 13 Weeks
Purpose and Summary of Course
1.To understand the big picture of each book of the New Testament. [More like a flight across the country than a family cross-country road trip].  We will avoid getting caught up in the minor details, but we’ll see the scenery change as we fly over different books.
2.To understand the continuity between the books in the NT.
3.To realize the Promises God has kept to His People from the OT.
4.To hear God speak to us today through His Word and so to be challenged in our lives.
(3) Track: Basics          
Course: Fear of Man
Teachers: Luke Gorsett and Steve Volz
Location: Room 10 (by the nursery)
Length: 7 Weeks
The purpose of this course is to explore:
1. What the fear of man looks like in our lives and in our culture.
2. What we have been called to (fearing God and loving others).
3. How we may have lost this focus.
4. How we can begin to reestablish the fear of God in our lives and regain a right perspective about ourselves and others.