Roger Wedel

Roger was raised in Central Kansas by Christian parents in a church in which the Gospel was preached. It was through the witness and faithful prayer of some friends that he came to see his own need of the Lord Jesus.

Roger worked in insurance and business management before developing his own business as a remodeling contractor. After moving to Denton, Texas, God changed his life’s direction and he and his wife Susan both gave themselves to full-time Gospel ministry. They worked together as marriage counselors, and Roger taught Bible classes in the prison, as well as a men’s Bible-based recovery center. Roger went on to found and direct Mercy Heart of Denton, a ministry to the families of prisoners.

Roger and Susan both felt called to go back to school and moved to Omaha where together they graduated from Grace University with a degree in Christian Ministry. They have a passion for the growth of Christ’s Kingdom through the spread of the Gospel, particularly through the planting and building up of Gospel-centered churches. They were excited to find that Emmaus has this same vision.

Roger and Susan have been married for forty years.They have four married children, Galadriel, Elrond, Arwen and Théoden and eighteen grandchildren.