How to Become a Member at Emmaus

When we become a Christian we are placed in the universal church. This body of believers—all who are united to Christ—represents all Christians from all time. In time we become members in a local church. This is the physical expression of our spiritual membership in the universal church. God has designed this for his glory and our good as we grow together in the likeness of Christ, the head of the church.

Basic Requirements to be a Member

Members must be people who believe the gospel, are committed followers of Christ, have been baptized, agree with the Statement of Faith (or made their disagreement known to an Elder), agree with the Membership Agreement and have their membership application approved by the Elders.


Members must read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms of the Emmaus Constitution.

Membership Process

1. Attend the Connect Class.
2. Meet with one of the pastors for a membership interview.
3. Receive elder recommendation as a new member.
4. Be introduced as a new member during a Sunday morning service.

Connect Class

The Connect Class is taught by Pastor Erik that aims to familiarize you with what Emmaus is all about. The class is offered on a Saturday Morning.

The emphasis for the class is listed below:

  1. Emmaus DNA– who we are & what we believe
  2. Leadership & Vision– how we lead & where we are going
  3. Gospel Community– how we live
  4. Church Membership– how to join with us on mission

Please contact us if you would like to be in the next Connect Class.