Prepare for Sunday 11/12

Liturgy Call to Worship: Isaiah 12:1-2  Congregational Song #1: Come Thou Fount Congregational Song #2: The Perfect Wisdom of Our God Scripture Reading: Luke 15:11-32 Pastoral Prayer Congregational Song #3: Jesus Paid it All Congregational Song #4: Oh How Good it is Offertory/Giving: (children ages 3-5 years are dismissed to Children’s Church) Sermon: Gen 33 The Lords Supper Congregational Song #5: Doxology

Prepare for Sunday 11/5

Sermon Outline Text: Genesis 33:1-20 Title: Brothers Reunited and Reconciled Big Idea: Since reconciliation is a work of grace, we should pursue it by faith and respond to it with praise. (1) A Surprising Reunion (1-11) (2) A Peaceful Separation (12-17) (3) A Safe Arrival (18-20) Liturgy Call to Worship: Psalm 100:1,2,4 Congregational Song #1: How Great…

Thank God for the Reformation and its Reformers

This prayer was prayed by Ron Martina on Oct. 29 during reformation Sunday.  Dear heavenly Father, we praise your name this Lord’s Day morning. We are indebted to you for preserving us for this glorious privilege of assembling together in obedience to your Word. We thank you for your everlasting covenant love. Dear Lord Jesus,…

Prepare for Sunday 10/29

Call to Worship: Psalm 67:1-5  Congregational Song #1: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God  Congregational Song #2: O Great God of Highest Heaven Confession of Sin: 2 Cor. 3:5  Assurance of Pardon:  Eph. 2:8,9  Congregational Song #3: All I Have is Christ Congregational Song #4: Jesus Paid it All Pastoral Prayer Offertory/Giving: (children ages 3-5 years are dismissed to…

Prepare for Sunday 10/22

Liturgy Call to Worship: Psalm 46:1-3, 7-11 Congregational Song #1: O Worship the King  Congregational Song #2: All Glory be to Christ Scripture Reading: Phil. 4:4-9 Pastoral Prayer Congregational Song #3: Now Why This Fear Congregational Song #4: In Christ Alone Offertory/Giving: (children ages 3-5 years are dismissed to Children’s Church) Sermon: Text: Gen. 31:1-55 Title: The Secret Service of God The Lords…

Prepare for Sunday 10/15

Sermon Outline Title: Blessed by God Text: Genesis 30:25-43 TBI: Those who experience good things in life must see it as a gift from God and not a result of their own ability. We should anticipate but never presume upon God’s blessings. God’s covenant promises shine brightest in the face of strong opposition and unlikely odds.…

Church Essentials

Church Essentials Class 1: What is a Church – Audio  Class 2: Church Membership – Audio Class 3: Church Discipline – Audio Class 4: Ordinances – Audio Class 5: Church Governance – Audio Class 6: Church Gathered –  Audio

Prepare for Sunday 10/8

Call to Worship:1 Chronicles 29:10-13 Congregational Song #1: Lead On O King Eternal Congregational Song #2: Speak O Lord Scripture Reading:  Zephaniah 3:17 Pastoral Prayer Congregational Song #3: See the Destined Day Arise Congregational Song #4: The Church’s One Foundation Offertory/Giving Sermon: Why I Love the Church  The Lords Supper Congregational Song #5: Doxology

Prepare for Sunday 10/1

Sermon Outline Title: Congregationalism (Part 3): Leadership TBI: We must give careful consideration to biblical leadership because God has structured his church in such a way that he receives the most glory, the gospel advances the most efficiently, and his people are the most well-cared for. Outline: The Bible gives two offices of leadership in the church:…

Prepare for Sunday 9/24/17

Liturgy Call to Worship: Psalm 84:1-2,4 Congregational Song #1: I Sing the Mighty Power of God Congregational Song #2: How Deep the Father’s Love Scripture Reading: Romans 12:3-21 Pastoral Prayer Congregational Song #3: Shine into Our Night Congregational Song #4: O Church Arise Offertory/Giving: (children ages 3-5 years are dismissed to Children’s Church) Sermon  The Lords Supper  Congregational Song #5: Doxology