Dear Friends of Emmaus,

On behalf of the congregation of Emmaus Bible Church, welcome to our site. We are grateful to share some information about the ministry and hope that you find it helpful. This church exists for the glory of God. We want to make much of God and his grace to us through the gospel. We strive to do this by singing and praying together, hearing God’s Word preached, loving God, loving one another, and bringing the gospel to those who have yet to trust in Christ.

Emmaus is a church that was planted in 2011 in an area filled with challenges and opportunities. We praise God for his evident blessing in seeing people come to faith in Christ and grow together in Christian maturity. Emmaus is a church where people desire expository preaching, engage in discipleship, and pursue biblical community.

It is a blessing to serve God in the mission field of the greater Omaha area. God continues to bring brothers and sisters together for the purpose of making and training disciples who make and train disciples.

As part of our mission, we would love to help and serve you. We would love for you to join us at Emmaus where we could serve Christ together. Whether here or another church, we pray that God would lead you to commit to a local fellowship where you would serve Christ. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help and serve you.

For Christ and His Gospel,


Luke Gorsett