Unity and Diversity

Unity and Diversity

Diversity’s probably more important — and at the same time less important — than you may have thought. It’s more important because when people with no worldly bonds or connections love each other sacrificially in the church, it’s a giant advertisement that something supernatural is going on. Jesus says, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). Far from “nice to have,” unity and diversity should be one of the most obviously supernatural characteristics of a local church.

But at the same time, diversity might well be less important than you’ve thought — because it’s not an end in itself. And it’s easy for people or whole churches to make it such. You can be a diverse church, yet an unhealthy church with no unity, love, or gospel. And so diversity in a local church matters very little in and of itself. It matters a ton to the extent that it reflects a deeper reality of gospel unity that is believed and lived out.

Where does this unity and diversity come from? How can we, Christians in minority and the majority, live it out? What does this practically look like in real life? And what does it accomplish for God and for the gospel? These questions and more will be answered over 7 weeks.


Lesson 1 – Unity? Diversity? For God’s Sake? Audio

Lesson 2 – How God Builds Unity and Diversity – Audio