Prepare for Sunday (8-27-17)

Sermon Outline

Title: See the Invisible God

Text: Psalm 19:1-14

Big Idea: The revelation of God must drive you to humility and holiness.

Outline: How does God reveal himself?

  1. General Revelation: what has been made (19:1-6)
  2. Special Revelation: written and Incarnate Word (19:7-14)


Call to Worship: Exodus 15:11-13 (Luke)

Congregational Song #1: Behold Our God

Congregational Song #2: The Perfect Wisdom of Our God

Scripture Reading: Romans 1:19-23 (Erik)

Pastoral Prayer (Erik)

Congregational Song #3: His Mercy is More

Congregational Song #4: Speak O Lord

Offertory/Giving: (children ages 3-5 years are dismissed to Children’s Church)

Sermon: Psalm 19 (Thomas)

The Lords Supper (Erik)

Congregational Song #5: Doxology