Preparing for Sunday – 5/21/17

Take a few minutes to review the liturgy and read Genesis 25:29-34 to prepare your heart for the gathering of Emmaus Bible Church this Sunday morning at 10:15 AM.


Title: The Meal Deal
Text: Genesis 25:29-34
Big Idea: One of the biggest questions of this life centers on whether or not we will surrender things of lasting value to satisfy our temporal appetites.
Outline: Two contrasting assessments of the birthright
(1) Jacob desired the birthright
(2) Esau despised the birthright
(1) God’s sovereignty works itself out in real time through real human decisions.
(2) A mark of unbelief is the impulsive gratification of ourselves at the expense of God’s glory.
(3) Sin cannot be domesticated; the moment we think we’re in control we reveal its powerful hold on us.
(4) You have a choice every day whether you will despise or desire God’s blessings.
(5) Christ lived with devotion to God’s agenda to save those who haven’t.


Call to Worship:  Psalm 9:1-2

Congregational Song #1: Come Though Fount

Congregational Song #2: O Great God

Confession of Sin: Colossians 5:1-2

Assurance of Pardon: Colossians 5:3-4

Congregational Song #3: Not What My Hands Have Done

Congregational Song #4: Take My Life and Let it Be

Pastoral Prayer 



Title: The Meal Deal

Text: Genesis 25:29-34

Congregational Song #5: Be Thou My Vision

Benediction: Romans 16:25-27