Members’ Meeting – Sunday, May 21, 6 PM

Members’ Meeting – Sunday, May 21, 6 PM


Just a quick note to remind you of our Spring Members’ Meeting, this Sunday night at 6 pm. I also wanted to take a moment to tell you why your attendance at a members’ meeting is necessary.

Membership in a church is chiefly about relationships and responsibilities. Because we have a relationship with Christ, we have a relationship with his church. This relationship demonstrates itself as we fulfill our responsibilities together. We’ve designed our Members’ Meetings to hear updates and make important decisions together about the church. These meetings are directly related to both the long and short-term health of Emmaus. As members, we have a responsibility for one another. In other words, we all have a responsibility for the church.

While each agenda item serves this end, there are two in particular that I want to highlight in this way. 

The first is concerning our finances. We will need to make some important decisions about our budget and debt over the next several months. The Lord is blessing the church in many ways, and this requires us to be good stewards of his resources.

Second, we will have an update on our church government. As you know, we are transitioning to a new constitution. This directly involves you as a member and our responsibilities together.

I encourage you to make it a priority to attend the meeting on Sunday night at six as we continue to work together for the furtherance fo the gospel.

Together for the Gospel,

Pastor Erik

Meeting Agenda

1. Emmaus Membership
2. Finances: Update on budget and debt retirement
3. Vacation Bible School at Emmaus
4. Policy on Adults Working with Children
5. An Update on Congregationalism and the New Constitution
6. Pastor’s Comments

Future Member Meetings

August 20th

November 19th