Living as a Church – Sunday, 9:00 AM

Class Overview

We are thankful for the Lord’s providence in bringing together an eclectic group of believers from many different church traditions. As we work towards transitioning our church government to Elder-led congregationalism in the fall, this 13-week course will build unity by strengthening our understanding of the church: its nature, purpose, function, government, our roles and responsibilities to one another, and our mission to the world. Make plans to attend on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM in the training center.

Class Schedule

Week 1 – April 2 – Unity: A Display of God’s Glory in the Local Church. PDF and Audio

Week 2 – April 9 – Membership: Unity through Depth of Commitment. PDF and Audio

Week 3 – April 16 – Diversity: Unity through breadth of commitment. PDF and Audio

Week 4 – April 23 – Preaching and Prayer: The Foundation for Unity. PDF and Audio

Week 5 – April 20 – Church Governance: Godly Authority Fostering Unity. PDF and Audio

Week 6 – May 7 – Church Fellowship: Building a Bond of Unity. PDF and Audio

Week 7 – May 14 – Discontentment within the Church: A Test of Unity. PDF and Audio

Week 8 – May 21 – Church Leadership: Submission for the Sake of Unity PDF and Audio

Week 9 – May 28 – Church Discipline: Preserving God-Glorifying Unity PDF and Audio

Week 10 – June 4 – Encouragement: Safeguarding Unity in Holiness PDF and Audio

Week 11 – June 11 – N/A

Week 12 – June 18 – Corporate Worship: Celebrating God-Given Unity PDF Audio 

Week 13 – June 25 – Evangelism: A Harvest of Unity PDF and Audio