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Emmaus exists to glorify God by making and training disciples who then make and train disciples. Would you join us?


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Emmaus Bible Church

Emmaus Bible Church

Recent Sermons

In The Darkest Hour He Will Hold Me Fast

To give hope to weary souls in times of crisis Psalms 3 Davids Problem: Factious Rebellion (1-2) Davids Prayer: Firm Reliance (3-4) Davids Peace: Fearless Repose (5-6) Davids Protection: Faithful Rescue (7-8)

Kiss the Son or Perish in the Way!

The madness of man: Insurrection against the King (1-3) The mightiness of God: Installation of the King (4-6) The mission of God: Implementation of the King (7-9) The message of God: Invitation from the King (10-12)

Two Ways To Live

Whatever shapes your heart shapes your life, and ultimately, your destiny. Psalm 1 A contrast of the only two ways to live. The way of the righteous (1-3) The way of the unrighteous (4-5) The matter summarized (6)