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Emmaus Bible Church

Emmaus Bible Church

Recent Sermons

The Epic Normal

Ruth 1:1-5, 19-22 God calls His people to exercise real faith in His ability to fill that which is empty. 1) This is a story full of emptiness. 2) This is a story about God’s providence. 3) This is a story about the real faith of God’s people.

Reversing the Curse

God puts His hatred of sin and His love for sinners on display through how He deals with the curse. Three vivid projections of God’s character from the perspective of the curse: 1. God decrees the curse 2. God becomes the curse 3. God removes the curse

What in the World is Wrong?

Because God is good He must punish sin, but because God is also gracious He promises to save people from sin’s punishment. Three scenes that explain what is wrong with the world: Scene 1: Temptation and sin (1-7) Sene 2: Hiding and pursuing (8-13) Scene 3: Judgment and grace (14-24)

A Sight to Behold

Jesus is to be feared because He rose from the dead, but He is also to be joyfully worshiped because He did this for us Matthew 28:1-10 Three surprises from the resurrection witnesses Who they were What they saw What they did